Search Engine Marketing For Small Business

Small businesses are at a disadvantage when it comes to internet marketing and must be more innovative than larger companies to establish a presence. That is because larger companies have more brand awareness and get a lot of web traffic just from the brand identity of going to

Small business companies meanwhile have to rely on the search engines for the traffic they get to their website. For companies that have a good search engine marketing program in place this is not a problem. But the majority of small businesses have never done any marketing on the internet and as a result, get very little traffic.

That is why we believe that small business search engine marketing provides a great opportunity for these small businesses to level the playing field and compete against larger companies. While the larger companies do spend a lot of money on search engine marketing for broad keyword phrases, they typically spend more on building overall brand awareness. What that means is that in many cases, there are uncovered opportunities to snare some traffic that is going to the larger companies by default.

Search Engine Marketing For Small Business

Our small business search engine marketing strategy is built around a set of core principles:

    • Market Research – We believe that properly assessing the competitive landscape is the logical first step in building a search engine strategy. Some of the components we like to identify in our initial market research phase include (partial list):
      • top 10 online competitors in the client’s niche
      • keywords that competitors are targeting
      • other keywords that the competitors have organic rank by default
      • back link status and back link partnering strategy
      • online and offline content
      • social media activity and involvement
    • search engine analysis – This will help us gauge the overall competitiveness of the client’s niche to find where the opportunities lie within the search engines. We will accomplish this by using various SEO management tools that we have at our disposal to validate those opportunities, including a detailed SEO competitor analysis to better identify the competition and what effort it will take to gain higher search engine placement for the keywords that are being targeted.
    • search engine marketing implementation – Our implementation strategy is a simple concept to understand. The results of the market research and search engine analysis provide a clear view of the keyword terms that represent the best opportunity to target. It then becomes all about the content and the syndication of the content to build the necessary levels of backlinks that are necessary for good search engine rankings.
    • tracking, analyzing and refocusing – It is very important to remember that search engine marketing is not a one time event, but rather is extended process that follows a “wash, rinse, repeat” cycle. Basically that means that the typical search engine marketing project is built on a variety of keywords that evolve over time, not just the first one or two keywords that are targeted.

While many people think this process for small business search engine marketing sounds complicated, it really is not. But it is a very time and labor intensive process that takes a lot of effort to do it right and provides real results for smaller companies that want to increase their visibility on the internet.

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