Article Writing for Link Building

It's an era of SEO and Link building. And in every step of work, we need an article. Tons of article required a big budget. And having a native writer is expensive. SERPBiz brings an easy solution for you. We have a team of experienced writers who are not native but professional. We are working for the last ten years, so you don't need to guide for SEO optimization. Let us write your SEO campaign article, and you do rank your website.

Article for Link Building

Don’t have time to write articles for your SEO work or link building campaign? Using spun content for building up your private blog network or get rejected while trying outreach?

Well, you landed in the right place.

SERPBiz offers you high-quality writing service…….Hold on! Wait!

Heard this same line thousands of time from various sources? Yeah me too. And end up with so-called top-notch spun or rewrite content. That’s why we build our content team. Honestly not top notch neither high quality but at least decent readable handwritten content based on my given topic or keyword. Now thought to earn some extra buck by using our same team to help out the others.

Article Writing for Link Building

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Why Choose Our Service?

  • All articles are manually written by experienced writers (some of the writers in our team have more than five years’ experience in this field)
  • Our writers focus on the topic or keyword. If you put any extra requirement, they will follow it.
  • All our writers are non-native. I repeat none of them are from US or UK or Canada. Most of them are Philippine, Kenya, Bangladesh, India, Lithuania. That’s why we said not top notch or high quality but a decent material for link SEO work.
  • Last but not the least cheap. Quality never comes with cheap rate. So don’t expect anything significant. You will never find any native write who will write the article at this low price.
  • Before delivering, we make sure to check Copyscape and two other plagiarism checker to avoid the duplicate issue. We also use Grammarly premium to maintain grammar at least up to the standard. Also, we will retain SEO facts like keyword in header tags like h2 and all for formatting the article.

We will offer the best pricing


starting from
$ 3
per article
  • 450-500 Words
  • Hand Written
  • SEO Optimized
  • 100% Unique and Readable
  • Checked by Grammarly Pro
  • Checked by Copyscape

Frequenty Asked Questions

TAT varies on the quantity of the order. Generally, we take three days for 5-10 articles. If you are in a hurry please contact us before placing your order.

We have a small writing team. It is our main drawback here longer TAT. They can’t write lots of articles each day. That’s why we are taking a long time rather than leaving some lame excuses.

Once Your Order is placed, no refund requests will be considered.

Because we are providing handwritten articles. Not spun or software generated. Please noted most of the seller mentioned unique articles. Unique doesn’t mean it’s written by a human.

No we don’t write for adult topics. Not even pharmacy because it requires extensive knowledge.


Place Your Order and We will Do the Rest from Our End.