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PBN Building Service for you

I am going to talk about what is PBN and how to build it. If you are doing PBN links but don't have time to manage, then this is the best service for you. We find the relevant expired domain with high metrics, host it, design, and manage the content. It's all in one done for your PBN solution. If you have any queries, please feel free to let us know.

PBN Building Service

SERPBiz offers done for your PBN building service. You tell us your requirements, and we will do the rest. 

Our features – 

  • High metrics fresh expired domain.
  • Complete design.
  • Content recovered from the expired version.
  • Secure hosting.
  • Avoid all possible footprints.

To use this service, we recommend you contact us before to let us know your requirements. We will confirm that we can find the domain or not.

PBN Building

SERPBiz did awesome job for us. I bought one domain at first later end up to buy 17 domain from them. In one word, they know what to do.

We will offer the best pricing

1 Pbn site

starting from
$ 49 Per Domain
  • DA - 15+
  • Ref, Domain - 20+
  • 3 handwritten articles
  • Necessary Pages
  • Professional Design

5 pbn sites

starting from
$ 249 Per Domain
  • DA 15+
  • Ref. Domain - 20+
  • 15 handwritten articles
  • Professional Design
  • Necessary Pages

3 Pbn sites

starting from
$ 149 Per Domain
  • DA - 15+
  • Ref, Domain - 20+
  • 9 handwritten articles
  • Necessary Pages
  • Professional Design

Frequenty Asked Questions

3*500 words each so total = 1500 words per site.

All sites are hosted on separate servers and IP’s hosting.

You are eligible for a full refund if we have not finished your sites or started working on your order. If we registered the domains for you, a registration fee is non-refundable. If we ordered the articles that too is non-refundable.

Metrics are changeable. It might change like few links might dropped, PA/DA might changed. It’s uncontrollable. They can rise or fall depending on their algorithm.

Yes, you just need to contact with our support team and explain your requirement.

Yes, we offer a full 30-day guarantee that the domain will get indexed and stay indexed during that time. It’s imperative that you follow our guidelines when we transfer the ownership to you.

Up to 20 links. Like you can provide us 20 Web 2.0 or PBN links or any sorts of links you want.

This part is not in our hand. It’s entirely up to Google. But we see a vast improvement of indexing rate when we use this package to our 1st tier links. Even sometimes few web 2.0 links will index within 5-7 days.

Once Your Order is placed, no refund requests will be considered.

So far so good I would say. This package is entirely for quick indexing and boosting the 1st tier links. So there is no risk your money site will get penalize or face any negative impact.

Yes, you just need to contact with our support team and explain your requirement.

If you are into SEO, then I believe you have the idea what you will get for $20. So it’s up to you. We can work with a money site, but the risk is yours.


Place Your Order and We will Do the Rest from Our End.