Web 2.0

Manual web 2.0 service with handwritten content

Web 2.0 is one of the most popular link building methods to get the contextual links. SERPBiz offers one of the most popular web 2.0 services for you. We are using popular terms based on the reviews we got in the market place. Franklin Hatchet also recommends our service in his course and blog. Order now to get the best web 2.0 network for your website.

Web 2.0 Service


Manual work, no software used. Natural looking blog maintaining all things necessary for perfect SEO. We are using all popular platform here.


Report with Web 2.0 logins (mail, username, and password)

Sample of Web 2.0 –

Manual Web 2.0 Creation Service with Handwritten Content

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Why Choose Our Service?

  • Manual process by our trained staff (No bot/software).
  • Safe for latest Google updates. Using VPN while creating each blog.
  • Overtime deliver.
  • Unique Username
  • Blog address (based on your demand. We can use random name or niche based name also which you prefer)
  • Link wheel (Optional if you want).
  • Relevant image & video where ever possible.
  • Contextual links.
  • Filler content like infographics, videos and others.
  • One handmade article for each blog writer by our writing team (Based on Kenya and Philippine)
  • Instant Indexer submission (It’s not working like before, but we can do it for you)

Read Before Placing Order

  • If you are changed your website after delivering the order. That’s up to you we can’t help you with that.
  • If you change your whole topic or niche and came back that you don’t need this order that’s not my fault. We can’t help or refund in any way.
  • You gave me the keyword, and we did the work based on it. After delivering the order if you want to change it, you need to replace it of yourself. We are not going to do it.
  • If you don’t provide any videos and images, we will take care of it. But later you came up with your pictures and videos after delivering the order will not work. Make sure you know your requirement.
  • You wrote 1 OBL for each post. After delivering the order, you came back to add more links will not work. Please be specific what you want. We will proceed based on your given note only.
  • Indexing is not at our hand. Our indexing tool not as useful as before. Google takes a long time to index now. We make sure all blogs are indexable. Now you need to take proper care for each blog like creating 2nd tier links using PBN links or SAPE or GSA links or anything.
  • If you find any mistake or anything let me know. If we miss anything which you pointed before contacting us. We will fix it immediately whenever you reached.
  • TAT is 15-20 days here. Now you placed the order and came back after ten days with new requirement will not work. Because we always ordered the content immediately after the order. If you need to change any details or anything you can do it within 2-3 days after placing the order.
  • These are new blogs I repeat these are fresh and newly created blogs. So when you place the order means you knew that. Please don’t blame us after delivering the order that blog has no PA or anything.

We will offer the best pricing

10 Blogs

starting from
$ 40 Monthly
  • 450-500 Words Article Per Blog
  • Handwritten Content
  • 100% Unique and Readable
  • Checked by Grammarly Pro
  • All Dofollow Blogs

20 Blogs

starting from
$ 70 Monthly
  • 450-500 Words Article Per Blog
  • Handwritten Content
  • 100% Unique and Readable
  • Checked by Grammarly Pro
  • All Dofollow Blogs

15 Blogs

starting from
$ 60 Monthly
  • 450-500 Words Article Per Blog
  • Handwritten Content
  • 100% Unique and Readable
  • Checked by Grammarly Pro
  • All Dofollow Blogs

Frequenty Asked Questions

We are offering free GSA links up to 10k. You can skip it the choice is yours.

We have a small writing team. This is our main drawback here longer TAT. They can’t write lots of articles each day. That’s why we are taking a long time rather than leaving some shit excuses.

Yes we do. We will use copyright stock images.

Because we are providing handmade articles for each blog. Not spun or software generated. Please noted all the seller are mentioned unique articles. Unique doesn’t mean it’s written by a human. We have a package running with spun content also which are also passed Copyscape 100%. Just think logically one 450-500 words article will cost you $2 min. So 10 article cost is $20 here. You are paying $40 for ten blog register, setup, article, posting and support all. Still, if you think it’s too much you can do it on your own. Web 2.0 is free to use, and anyone can do it.


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