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Free web Design for plumbing company

Are you into a plumbing business? And yet have no business website? Then you are not ready for 2020. Business is not about offline anymore. According to a stat, 19% of small business owners without a website believe that their business would grow 25% in three years or less with the benefit of a website. So why not start doing it now? SERPBiz offers an entirely free website setup service for your business.

Free Web Design For plumbing

SERPBiz has been providing services for the last ten years in the online marketplace. We do work with much local business. From our experience, we saw that many owners are not conscious of their business website. We have to push them for further improvement.

While doing market research, we also noticed some business is doing well through social media but has no functional website. As I said above, it’s 2020, and people are web-focused now.

Few fascinating facts for local business – 

  • It’s expected that by 2020, there will be more than 2 billion online shoppers.
  • 50% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit the physical store within a day, with 34% of those using computers or tablets do the same. 
  • 60% of American adults use smartphones and tablets to search for local product and service information.
  • 71% of people surveyed and check the website of a business before going to it for the first time.
  • 46% of all searches on Google are local.

Sources – (GO-Globe)

Statistic says the all. Do you still have doubts in your mind? Do you understand what you are losing, not having an online presence?

I believe you got the point. Now here comes the most significant dilemma. What should I do? How to get the domain and hosting? Whom should I hire for the design work? Most importantly, I am not sure how much budget I require for all work?

Worry not, here you are reading the right one. SERPBiz is your one-stop solution for having a local business website. And you know what? You don’t need to invest anything. We are doing it for free.

Come on! Who provides free services now?

No one without having any interest. You are right, and here is our deal — free means we are offering complete free website setup service for your business. We will provide the domain, hosting, and modern design to set your business website. All you need to ensure a monthly maintenance fee. Don’t worry; it’s not a biggie. To maintain your website, you have to pay $29/per month. That’s it and rest we will do from our end. You don’t have to think about it anymore. You do what you can do best and let us handle your website.

Don’t you think you can spend 29 bucks per month for your business? Then let’s talk.

Our Service Features

Domain & Hosting

We will provide the domain and hosting for you. You have to pay for the domain. Hosting is a free from our end. But if you want to buy and host your domain, we have no problem with it.

Top Notch Web Design

We set the WordPress, manage content, and design an attractive SEO-Friendly website for your business. Check our past work to get an idea of what your site might look alike.

Local SEO and Marketing

We will do proper NAP distribution, essential On-page SEO, along with the local citation. We are not providing any ranking guarantee as this service is for design only.

Our Past Work

Amazon Affiliate Website

Tools Adviser

Tools Adviser

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Amazon Affiliate Website

Gamers Thought

Gamers Thought

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ZERO Setup Charges

Monthly Maintenance

starting from
$ 29 Monthly
  • Website Maintenance
  • Content Update
  • On Page SEO

Frequenty Asked Questions

Free service means zero set up cost. You don’t have to pay for setting up your website. Give us the domain, your requirement, and sit idle. We will do the rest.

Nothing in this world is free. Buying a top class hosting and setting your business will cost you 1000 bucks. And you will get it for free from us. We are not talking about the other hassel. We are charging a recurring fee for the maintenance of your website, which is quite low.

Well, maintaining a large hosting cost us every year. So your fees will help a little bit to cover these fees. Also, we will update your website blog once every month with informative content for getting the SEO benefit.

We are always available via email and skype. If you face any issue, just let us know and will take action within 8 hours. Not promising fake 24*7 support system as we are a human being. Our service is open around 12-15 hours each day.

If you want to cancel the membership, then you need to let us know before a month. We will take a back up and hand over the data properly. No question will ask about it.


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