What Is Thin Content As Per Google and Why It Is Not Good for SEO?

“Content is the king” in SEO has always been emphasized ever since the technique has come into being and practice. Considering the same, it is easy to conclude that it is a far-fetched idea to conceive to gain better rankings of your business if you do not or cannot write quality, comprehensible and original content based on the keyword(s) that is/are relevant to your website. In this article, we are going to discuss why the need for a quality, original and relevant content is a must to drive a growing mass of target visitors/audience to your website and ensure improved visibility with a better sales lead. Also, the discussion will revolve around the formidable consequences of using thin or low-quality content with respect to SEO and what you can do about it.

What is Thin Content?

So without beating about the bush, let us focus on what thin content exactly is. Thin content fundamentally is, low-quality or substandard content that is not helpful to users anyway. Google has sorted out a few exclusive web pages such as doorway pages, substandard affiliate pages, or standard pages that feature too little or no content, which are thin content pages according to this search engine. However, the caveat to bear in mind importantly and additionally is that efforts should not be made to create a mass of similar content: plagiarized pages or pages with duplicate content are also the cardinal part of thin content pages as well. Furthermore, Google does not give any significance to pages stuffed with keywords either. After all, this directs to the fact that the search engine has become smarter over time and is able to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality content, specifically since the release of Google Panda.

What Google Gives Preference to?

Google has the policy to provide its users with the most favorable and finest results that fit the search criteria of the user. So if you have a business and wish to fly it higher, you have to bring around Google that you give an answer to the question of the target users. Your visions for a website will maybe never turn into a reality if you are reluctant to write enormously on the theme you want it to rank for. Thin content is not the thing for Google when it comes to ensuring the most fruitful results. So the maximum focus should be on creating engaging, quality and informative copy, to make Google as well as your target users happy to their heart’s content.

How to get the best results in Google’s SERPs?

It is highly recommended to create comprehensible and elegant copy about the keywords that you guess would be instrumental in giving a rank to your website in Google. If you are interested in profiling your favorite hobby on your weblog, this is not a hassle for you. Right? If you profile something you have a penchant for and possess copious knowledge about it, then it is very simple for you to convince Google that your pages feature the expert answer they are searching for!



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