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Struggling with making money online? Become a partner of Amazon and start banking now. Amazon’s affiliate is one of the trending ways to set an online passive income.

SERPBiz offers Amazon niche site building service at affordable pricing. If you are too busy to build your site or new and have no idea where to start but know the basics of SEO, then it’s for you.

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Why You Need amazon niche site building service?

Amazon affiliate is one of the popular affiliate programs now. You can earn a good amount of money through it. Sounds impressive?? Any newbie will fall for that sure. But if you already know at least the basics of SEO and how Amazon niche site works then you might be laughing now. 

Let’s cut the BS and talk to the point. Building an Amazon affiliate site is not that easy. It requires research, analysis, time, and money. Along with all of it, you must have the experience to understand what you are doing.  This is why professional service stands out. Let our experts done for you amazon affiliate sites to save your time. Our team has eight years of experience in the creation of selected niche sites. We have established and strengthened our approach through years of research and collaborations with active marketers.

Why can’t we build our website?

Who said we couldn’t. If you have proper knowledge, time, and investment, you obviously can do it.

But there are some drawback which are –

  • We don’t know the proper way. Niche selection is the most typical one. And most of us ended up choosing the wrong one always.
  • Okay, somehow, you manage to find a profitable niche. What about the keyword? What’s the competition level? Can you rank it? This is where we made a mistake.
  • Content, yes, this is the big issue. We don’t know how to structure it. Don’t know how to write from the user perspective. This is a big drawback for us.
  • And last but not least, Link building. It plays a significant role in niche site gameplay. If you don’t know the all-in or out of link building in 2019, then you are done with everything.

why choose us

Why are we special?

Individual approach

We provide one to one consultation and solution.

Progress review

We review the campaign progress together with you.

Efficiency blueprints

We provide the roadmap before starting the campaign.

Experience win

We follow our passion and experience not the paycheck.


You will know what you are paying for.


We take action based on the performance.


What else to expect?

Like others, we do have the same features for our SEO services. You will hardly find any uniqueness anyone offering—all matter experiences. Still, here are some details we focused on while working for any project.

Finding Profitable Niche

We will share the trending market list with you. You choose your market first. Then we will pick a profitable niche based on your preferred market.
We will then give you some ideas so that you can confirm before we begin to work.

Researching Rankable Keywords

In your niche, we will aim for low competitive keywords. We aim to find all the rankable keywords to cover the whole niche. We will cover all the primary and LSI keywords to write a complete article.

Proper Content Mapping

We will set the complete content mapping to build your website. Our mapping also helps you to do the proper silo for your entire website. All you need to follow the mapping and manage your content.

Setting up Your Website

We will help you to design your website, which will look authentic and attract your visitors. We focus on the CTA based layout to improve the conversion. Ask us to see our previous work.

On-page Optimization

We will suggest and recommend the best On-page SEO for your money pages. Even for a few of the primary content, we will implement the On-page SEO if you allow us. We use Surfer, POP, and other advanced tools to analyze the competitors.

Custom Link Campaign

Without a link, it’s not possible to achieve the desired result. We will help you to build a link building roadmap. If needed in the future, we also help you with your link building campaign. We will not leave you behind.

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done for you amazon affiliate sites

When you begin your online journey and create an affiliate website, you are shocked by the overwhelming volume of knowledge all of the top marketers toss at you.

They all go to death to persuade you that you need the latest and most vital strategy you must use if you want a chance to make a dime online.

Except you don’t know they’re offering to sell, you’re reassured with details they’re going for $9 to $999 (even more) a pop everywhere.

Over the years, we have pointed out that we don’t have great geniuses among active affiliate marketers. They are the ones who have pushed the knowledge to the side and taken action.

We can feel how frustrating it is to learn all that comes with creating your first affiliate website, creating copies that turn visits into sales, bringing people to the website, and designing a website.

By leaving the process for us, you get the only real shortcut to make money.

This shortcut incorporates our many years of practice to merge the various parts of the puzzle so that you can concentrate on what you want to do rather than stuck on what you feel you need to do.

We will build an Amazon niche site for you along with all keyword, product, and content research. In a word, you will get a complete website from us, which has the potential to earn a significant stream of money. Even some of our new build websites will rank within the top 50 without doing anything.

So now you are thinking, to get a site and leave me in the midway. Actually, yes, that’s what we will do. But like others, we will not leave you empty-handed.

We are doing an Amazon Affiliate from 2012. Honestly, we don’t have the screenshot to show how much we earned. We never gained that much. We always target low and make it passive. Like $300-$500/month is a good start for Amazon’s journey. So from our experience, we will share the roadmap we follow. Roadmap means an exact routine that we do every month and all. Now it’s up to you that you will track it or not.

Frequenty Asked Questions


If you have any preferred niche, you can let us know. Or you can leave it up to us. Before finalization, we will discuss and set a perfect niche for you.


Every niche can vary with its earning potential. Here are some general numbers to keep in mind:

Earning up to $200 per month can take between 1 – 3 months. This is a reasonable goal for the early months of your new site. The amount of content also plays a role.

$500-1000 month is reasonable for a 6-7 months old site and has had proper link building and content added over time.

$1K+ / month is reasonable for at least a year old with 15,000 words or more and multiple pages ranking in Google.


Absolutely. We will provide additional support if needed. You will also have access to cutting-edge SEO training so you can maximize your site’s earning potential.


Yes, you can provide your domain and hosting.


You’ll receive the ready-made affiliate site within 30 days or less. We only offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days if there is something wrong with your affiliate site. Contact us for more information.


Once you receive your website, start with planning your link building strategy. You will have to send backlinks to the pages you’re going to need to rank. We will provide you our link building plan, which we follow for our sites. It’s your choice either you follow our method or anything else.


We already had several affiliate sites running that we are working on ourselves.