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Partnership Redefined: Unveiling SERPBiz

SERPBiz goes beyond the ordinary, forging a new paradigm in SEO partnerships. With a 13-year history in the industry, we’re more than just a service provider – we’re your strategic ally. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, backed by a portfolio of 500+ successful projects, distinguishes us. We combine our experience with digital prowess, ensuring that the essence of your brand shines through while our SEO expertise works its magic. Trust us to navigate the ever-changing search landscape. Let us unlock your untapped potential and propel your agency’s growth.

Empower Your Agency, Elevate Your Clients

With our White Label SEO Services, you can achieve the pinnacle of success. We’re your backstage powerhouse, allowing you to shine on stage. Our strategies are specifically designed to bring your clients’ visions to life. Keep up to date with our clear reports that demonstrate the true impact of our efforts. With SERPBiz, your company will not only survive but thrive. Take advantage of the white-label advantage to redefine your digital success.

Why Choose SERPBiz?

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Using SERPBiz's Core Strengths to Grow Your Business

Customer-Centric Approach

Tailor-made strategies that are aligned with the company's goals and the needs of your target audience for effective results.

Seamless Client Interaction

Establish channels of communication to ensure that your insights shape the strategy effectively.

Transparent Reporting

Transparent reporting reveals progress, allowing data-driven decisions and boosting confidence.

ROI-Driven Process

Each step is guided by the goal of increasing the company's ROI, converting efforts into measurable gains.

Content Driven

High-quality content that resonates with users and search engines, resulting in engagement and organic growth.

Technical Expertise

Precision-driven technical optimizations boost your site's performance, improving the user experience and rankings.

Recommended by Industry Leaders

Nathan Gotch, a prominent SEO leader, personally hired Jalal from SERPBiz and endorsed their expertise on his influential blog.


In this initial phase, we immerse ourselves in your business’s core. We lay the groundwork for our entire SEO journey by gathering insights, goals, and expectations. This ensures that every step we take is in line with your specific vision and goals.


We are laying the groundwork for success at this stage. We create customized reporting templates, such as weekly reports, ranking updates, and progress reports. Furthermore, we ensure seamless access to the necessary resources, resulting in a streamlined workflow. This thorough preparation ensures clear communication and a solid foundation for our collaborative journey.


After receiving your approval, we will immediately begin an in-depth technical analysis to ensure that your website is operating at its full potential.

This requires a careful evaluation of the crawlability and indexability of the website rather than relying solely on automated tools. We produced an in-depth fundamental report by compiling the data that we obtained from various tools such as Screaming Frog, AHREFS, and SEMRush.

We then create a strategic plan for improvement after identifying low-performing pages and prioritizing the issues that need to be addressed. This hands-on approach ensures improved crawlability, indexability, and site performance across the board.


In addition to the technical audit, we also carry out a painstaking performance evaluation. We look into Google Search Console impressions and conduct an analysis of pages that generate a lot of traffic.

Our specialists detect inactive or “dead” pages and diagnose the reasons for their existence. We investigate the silo structure of your website and evaluate the current state of the internal linking.

With the help of this comprehensive evaluation, we optimize the overall performance of your website, thereby increasing your site’s user engagement and search engine visibility.


This step is where our area of expertise really shines. We conduct exhaustive research on keywords and divide pages into categories that can be ranked and those that cannot be ranked.

We map the most relevant keywords for each rankable page in painstaking detail. We keep a close eye out for any instances of keyword cannibalization, which helps us maintain an effective keyword distribution.

In the event that conflicts arise, we act quickly to resolve them, optimizing the keyword strategy for your website so that it has the greatest possible impact.


We perform an in-depth analysis of each page eligible to be ranked. In our process, we look for any holes in the content, whether they pertain to the word count, the technical optimization, or missing elements.

Our goal is to develop comprehensive and valuable insights for each topic. We improve the quality of your content, as well as its relevance and visibility in search engines, by addressing these gaps, which ultimately results in a stronger online presence.

In addition, we make use of some of the most advanced industry tools available in order to identify these gaps. We optimize the content with Natural Language Processing (NLP) terms that are on the cutting edge, which outperforms competitors and raises your site’s overall authority and visibility in the digital arena.


The process of planning our content is like a well-oiled machine that is based on a solid silo architecture. We create a content calendar that is aligned with this strategic framework in order to guarantee a steady stream of content that is both valuable and relevant.

Your website will have more authority and visibility in the digital landscape if you take this approach. That’s because it not only increases user engagement but also complies with the algorithms used by search engines.


We raise your local presence by taking strategic steps. To begin, we make sure that your Google Business Profile is optimized so that it stands out. Then, in order to strengthen our credibility, we carefully disseminate information that is consistent across all platforms, including our NAP (name, address, and phone number).

In the end, we will set up local schema markup, which will increase the visibility of your website in local search results, allowing you to reach a targeted audience.


Our expertise in link-building encompasses a wide variety of strategies that have a significant impact. Building citations is one of the strategies we employ to create a stable online presence. Guest posting is a great way to make connections with influential people.

Niche edits provide contextual relevance, which improves credibility. Last but not least, distributing press releases can bolster your website’s authority in the online world by increasing its online visibility. Our systematic approach ensures a robust backlink profile and improved positions in search engine results.

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After searching for months I finally found a team that's up to standards. These audit reports are of awesome quality and they help to push ranks.

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Find All the Service Reporting Template

Please check the Google Spreadsheet to understand our reporting format.

Please check the Google Spreadsheet to understand our reporting format.

Please check the Google Spreadsheet to understand our reporting format.

Please check the Google Spreadsheet to understand our reporting format.

Please check the Google Spreadsheet to understand our reporting format.

Please check the Google Spreadsheet to understand our reporting format.

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Exemplary SEO Expertise: 72% Organic Growth in 8 Months!

The best SEO guy I have encountered here on Upwork. Dedicated and really honest. Jalal is very hardworking and will take the extra step for your website to reach great positions. Within the span of 8 months, the organic growth of our website has increased by 72 percent. Thanks for all the help!

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7 Years with SERPBiz: A Remarkable SEO Journey!

Six years have passed since I started working for SERPBiz. When compared to zero, our organic visibility increased significantly. They are now accountable for everything associated with the website, including its ranking, blog publishing, and presence online. My first choice when it comes to SEO is Jalal and his team.

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4 Years Strong: My Ongoing Partnership with SERPBiz

I hired SERPBiz in 2016 for my business. It was a fresh and new website. And here, we are still working together in 2020. Do I need to say anything else?