The ultimate challenge is standing out in the cluttered world of eCommerce, where millions of products compete for attention. Are you aware that 33% of all eCommerce website traffic comes from organic search? When you don’t invest in SEO, you’re throwing money away. Our eCommerce SEO services are essential for increasing your revenues. Leave your competitors in the dust, obtain top search engine rankings, and watch your business explode. Don’t miss out on possible sales—join us to achieve top rankings that produce genuine results.

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eCommerce SEO: Where Success Gets Stat-Tastically Hilarious

We’re not just about improving your rankings in the competitive world of eCommerce; we’re also about improving your revenue. We’re the SEO team with serious stats, boasting a stunning track record of over 500 successful projects over the course of our 13 years in business. Not only are our well-honed tactics data-driven, but they are also revenue-driven. You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank as we raise your online store above the competition, ensuring potential customers find you first. Our outcomes aren’t just promises; they’re guaranteed giggles and growth.

Your eCommerce SEO Allies: Let's Grow Together

Collaboration with SERPBiz is more than a commercial partnership; it’s like having the best wingmen for your eCommerce success story. Consider this: Over the last 13 years, we’ve been the unsung heroes of over 500 businesses. So, when you work with SERPBiz, you’re getting more than just an eCommerce SEO ally; you’re getting a team that will help you grow in organic search while adding a dash of levity to your success narrative. Let’s grow together since the road to the top with SERPBiz is as thrilling as the view from there.

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Using SERPBiz's Core Strengths to Grow Your Business

Revenue Focused

We increase your eCommerce profitability, leaving competitors in the digital dust.

Outsmarting the Competition

For eCommerce dominance, our data-driven methods identify and exploit your competitors' weaknesses.

Content that Sells

We create content that not only ranks but also sells, turning your eCommerce enterprise into a cash cow.

Technical Mastery

Our technical SEO expertise provides a solid basis for eCommerce success, ensuring your site runs smoothly.

Data Focused

Data is more than just information; it is the driving force behind our eCommerce tactics, accelerating your success.

Clear eCommerce Insights

Our transparent reporting keeps you in the loop so you can make informed decisions for eCommerce supremacy.

Recommended by Industry Leaders

Nathan Gotch, a prominent SEO leader, personally hired Jalal from SERPBiz and endorsed their expertise on his influential blog.

1. Client Onboarding Stage:

Understanding the fundamentals of your eCommerce business is the first step in our journey, which we start by taking. We do in-depth research to understand the distinctive identity of your brand, its aims, and the core of your products or services. This first stage is critical to constructing a solid foundation for the complete SEO strategy. By maintaining open lines of communication with you, we can guarantee that our goals and your expectations are aligned.

2. Project Configuration:

Once we get you on board, we will painstakingly configure your project. Specifically, this entails the creation of individualized templates for weekly reporting, ranking analysis, and progress tracking. We lay out a detailed plan and construct a monitoring system to keep a close eye on how well the project is doing. In order to guarantee a smooth workflow, access rights to the appropriate properties have been established.

3. Technical Audit and Implementation

We begin with a thorough audit of the technical side, during which we do not leave any digital stone unturned. Our specialists will analyze the structure of your website to guarantee that it is optimized for search engines and focused on users’ needs. We look for problems that could slow down crawling and indexing, as well as the site’s overall speed. At this point, the foundation is laid for a technically solid and optimized website.

4. Website Performance Audit:

In addition to the technical elements, we investigate the performance of your website. We identify which pages produce the most traffic, analyze the data from Google Search Console, and locate any pages that are not functioning well or are no longer available. To improve the user experience and increase the website’s exposure in search engines, we analyze the existing status of your silo structure and internal linking.

5. Keyword Mapping and Silo Evaluation:

Regarding search engine optimization, the real magic starts with keyword mapping. We carry out extensive keyword research explicitly tailored to your online storefront. We divide your pages into ‘Product Listing Pages’ (PLP) and ‘Product Description Pages’ (PDP). Because of this categorization, we can match relevant keywords to each page, which ensures a tailored strategy that maximizes the possibilities for ranking.

6. Content Optimisation:

To achieve the most possible impact from SEO, our process for optimizing content requires fine-tuning each page. We use content gap analysis to ensure that every page contains insightful information. The number of words, the technical features, and the elements that promote user engagement are all things that we optimize. What is the result? Not only higher ranks but also content that successfully transforms site visitors into paying clients.

7. Content Calendar:

A well-structured content schedule is necessary for an eCommerce SEO campaign to be effective. We create a calendar according to a silo structure, guaranteeing a consistent flow of content centered on the user. Using this strategy, you may increase the topical relevancy of your website, which search engines like.

8. Contextual On Page seo:

In addition to the fundamentals, we strongly emphasize contextual on-page SEO. This indicates that we look beyond just the location of keywords to comprehend user intent. We analyze your competition and help you close the gap between you and them by ensuring that your content is up to the standards of your users, increasing click-through rates, and decreasing bounce rates.


Our job doesn’t end with optimization; instead, it broadens our perspectives and opens new avenues. To improve the quality of your eCommerce service, we consistently look for new keyword opportunities and product categories. Because of this dynamic strategy, your online store will always be one step ahead of the competition, allowing you to capitalize on the unrealized potential of the digital market.

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After searching for months I finally found a team that's up to standards. These audit reports are of awesome quality and they help to push ranks.

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Exemplary SEO Expertise: 72% Organic Growth in 8 Months!

The best SEO guy I have encountered here on Upwork. Dedicated and really honest. Jalal is very hardworking and will take the extra step for your website to reach great positions. Within the span of 8 months, the organic growth of our website has increased by 72 percent. Thanks for all the help!

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7 Years with SERPBiz: A Remarkable SEO Journey!

Six years have passed since I started working for SERPBiz. When compared to zero, our organic visibility increased significantly. They are now accountable for everything associated with the website, including its ranking, blog publishing, and presence online. My first choice when it comes to SEO is Jalal and his team.

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4 Years Strong: My Ongoing Partnership with SERPBiz

I hired SERPBiz in 2016 for my business. It was a fresh and new website. And here, we are still working together in 2020. Do I need to say anything else?

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4 Years of SEO Success with SERPBiz

Working with SERPBiz has been a game-changer for our orthodontic practice. Their expertise in SEO has significantly improved our online visibility and helped us reach new patients. With their guidance, Greyfinch, our orthodontic practice management software, now stands out as a leader in the industry. Thanks to SERPBiz, our business has experienced remarkable growth.

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Elevating Success: Achievements with SEO Expertise

SERPBiz has been a key factor in Skylight Window Films’ success. Our company has reached new levels thanks to their website redesign and SEO expertise. Our online visibility has increased as a result of our position as industry leaders in window film solutions for both commercial and residential applications, including window tinting, solar control, and safety & security. We’ve seen remarkable growth as a result of SERPBiz’s strategic approach.

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In May 2019, Greyfinch initiated an organic SEO partnership with us to enhance their online presence. They acknowledged the necessity of a holistic digital transformation due to various challenges, including Wix performance issues, content limitations, and indexing complications.


Organic Traffic

Explore the transformative journey of Halifex, a dynamic tech startup, as it navigates rapid growth and innovation in the fiercely competitive world of digital finance. Dive into their inspiring story of disruption and success.

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