Let your company dominate the local search landscape! In this digital age, customers go to Google for local products and services (87% in 2022) – that’s where you want your business to thrive! We are your digital marketing support like no other, backed by our decade-long experience and expertise. With our top-tier local SEO services, we’re here to help you attract more consumers and boost your revenu

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SERPBIz invites you to transcend the ordinary in the realm of local SEO. We’re not just another digital agency, and our approach to local SEO is anything but typical. We’re your key to redefining your online identity – we possess the expertise to elevate your business’s local presence to new heights. SERPBIz is more than a service provider; we’re your dedicated local success partner. Together, we’ll conquer your local market, leaving an indelible mark on your community. Partner up with us and embrace the growth!

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SERPBIz is your trusted gateway to local SEO excellence, and we go beyond just SEO. For over 13 years, we’ve been at the forefront of digital marketing, crafting strategies that make businesses like yours stand out. We understand the nuances of the local market, giving us a unique advantage in boosting your online presence. With results in mind, our seasoned experts combine industry insights with cutting-edge techniques, ensuring your business ranks higher and thrives locally. With a track record of 500+ successful projects and a commitment to your success, we’re your go-to partner for conquering the local search landscape. Join hands with SERPBIz and start your journey towards local prominence.

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Using SERPBiz's Core Strengths to Grow Your Business

Local Market Expertise

An intimate understanding of the local market dynamics helps leverage insights to tailor strategies to your specific region.

Holistic Services

One-stop solution to address all needs - covering from on-page optimization to content marketing and more!

Industry Standard Compliance

Industry standards and best practices are followed for better ranking and meeting web development guidelines.

Content Oriented

Each step is guided by the goal of increasing the company's ROI, converting efforts into measurable gains.

Technical Expertise

Experience enhanced website performance and improved rankings through technical optimizations.

Transparent Practice

The transparency of the reporting showcases the progress and helps make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Recommended by Industry Leaders

Nathan Gotch, a prominent SEO leader, personally hired Jalal from SERPBiz and endorsed their expertise on his influential blog.


During this first stage, we get to know the fundamentals of your company inside and out. Through the process of gathering insights, goals, and expectations, we begin to create the framework for our entire SEO journey. This guarantees that each and every action that we do is in accordance with the particular vision and objectives that you have.

2. Market Research:

The first part of our Local SEO procedure is always market research. We analyze the competition in your area and help you pinpoint the most important demographics in your region. We’ll use this data to develop a plan that helps your company connect with its ideal customers and emerge as a leader in its field.

3. Keyword Mapping and Silo Evaluation:

We carefully select keywords that are pertinent to your business and geographic area. Our search engine optimization and content strategies are built on these keywords. By properly arranging the material on your website, silo evaluation enhances both user experience and search engine visibility.

We organize your website’s content in a logical and user-friendly manner by building keyword-focused content silos. This will enhance the user experience and also help search engines understand the relevancy and structure of your material. Consequently, your website is optimized to meet the needs of your audience and the expectations of search engine algorithms.

4. Technical Audit and Implementation:

Our technical review will analyze the state of your website as a whole. We take care of things like site speed, mobile compatibility, and schema markup to boost your website’s technical SEO. Implementing these enhancements to your website will ensure that it is user- and search-engine-friendly.

5. Website Performance Audit:

We do a thorough analysis of your website and recommend changes based on our findings. Checking things like bounce rates, page loads, and user involvement are all part of this process. We increase your site’s search engine rankings and user experience by focusing on these details.

6.On Page SEO and Internal Linking:

With on-page SEO, you focus on improving a single page at a time. We think about things like headers, meta descriptions, and where to put the keywords. We also use tactics for internal linking to enhance navigation and aid search engine crawlers in comprehending your site’s hierarchy.

7. Content Optimisation:

In our Local SEO method, content optimization is a critical stage. The foundation of efficient SEO is high-quality content. We improve the readability and usability of your existing material by making it more relevant to the keywords specified. This step is crucial since it improves your website’s reputation while also improving its search engine rating.

Our method involves carefully matching your content with targeted keywords strategically placed within your material. To keep your audience engaged and valued, we focus on holding onto the natural flow and context of the material. This technique not only increases the relevancy of your website but also makes it more attractive to both users and search engines.

Well-optimized content is becoming increasingly important as search engines continue to prioritize human intent and happiness. It is essential not only for drawing more visitors but also for keeping them interested and converting them into loyal clients.

8. Content Marketing:

With on-page SEO, you focus on improving a single page at a time. We think about things like headers, meta descriptions, and where to put the keywords. We also use tactics for internal linking to enhance navigation and aid search engine crawlers in comprehending your site’s hierarchy.

9. Local SEO Optimisation:

For a firm to succeed in a certain location, local SEO is essential. You can rely on us to maintain a consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) across all of your online profiles, including Google My Business. Your company’s visibility in local search and on maps is boosted as a consequence.

10. Link Building Campaign:

Building a solid backlink profile is critical to SEO performance. We carry out a strategic link-building effort, gaining high-quality, relevant backlinks from trustworthy sites. This increases the authority of your website and enhances its search engine results.

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After searching for months I finally found a team that's up to standards. These audit reports are of awesome quality and they help to push ranks.

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Exemplary SEO Expertise: 72% Organic Growth in 8 Months!

The best SEO guy I have encountered here on Upwork. Dedicated and really honest. Jalal is very hardworking and will take the extra step for your website to reach great positions. Within the span of 8 months, the organic growth of our website has increased by 72 percent. Thanks for all the help!

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7 Years with SERPBiz: A Remarkable SEO Journey!

Six years have passed since I started working for SERPBiz. When compared to zero, our organic visibility increased significantly. They are now accountable for everything associated with the website, including its ranking, blog publishing, and presence online. My first choice when it comes to SEO is Jalal and his team.

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4 Years Strong: My Ongoing Partnership with SERPBiz

I hired SERPBiz in 2016 for my business. It was a fresh and new website. And here, we are still working together in 2020. Do I need to say anything else?

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4 Years of SEO Success with SERPBiz

Working with SERPBiz has been a game-changer for our orthodontic practice. Their expertise in SEO has significantly improved our online visibility and helped us reach new patients. With their guidance, Greyfinch, our orthodontic practice management software, now stands out as a leader in the industry. Thanks to SERPBiz, our business has experienced remarkable growth.

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Elevating Success: Achievements with SEO Expertise

SERPBiz has been a key factor in Skylight Window Films’ success. Our company has reached new levels thanks to their website redesign and SEO expertise. Our online visibility has increased as a result of our position as industry leaders in window film solutions for both commercial and residential applications, including window tinting, solar control, and safety & security. We’ve seen remarkable growth as a result of SERPBiz’s strategic approach.

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Our Case studies


Organic Traffic

In May 2019, Greyfinch initiated an organic SEO partnership with us to enhance their online presence. They acknowledged the necessity of a holistic digital transformation due to various challenges, including Wix performance issues, content limitations, and indexing complications.