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Do you want a new website that suits your business style and attracts new clients, ideally? Then you are in the right spot when you get your latest site design from actual internet marketing practitioners-with the idea and knowledge of more than 550 completed campaigns. SERPBiz is a specialist website design company in Bangladesh focused on WordPress and other CMS products. Time is money. Take charge of your primary business; we will deal with your web design.

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Why do You Need to Choose best website design company in Bangladesh?

As a pure online marketing agency, SERPBiz was founded in 2010. We don’t manufacture logos, leaflets, business cards, or other print content. Don’t you think that your future agency should be excellent in a specific field rather than “so so” in many ways?

Admittedly, today you can quickly build a website. Purchase a completed theme, add demo content, fill in your content, and that’s it. But this will not help you to focus on your business style. The design should be set and represent your business, SEO friendly, better structure than your competitors, and user friendly. That’s where you need the best website design company in Bangladesh. We might not claim as best, but we have 11 year’s working experience.

What's Our Aim

We aim to represent your offline business online in a better way. As an internet marketing firm, we will conduct an analysis and find out what works precisely so that visitors to your website can reach you. This result will help set the website layout and structure and guarantee that your telephone rings along with a good ranking position.

We have worked very closely with our customers’ problems and desires during the creation and development of your site designs. The consequence is a website that can be edited without programming skills and any instructions. After all, we don’t want you to contact us for every minor issue you will face. However, we will be here to support you all the time.

why choose us

Why are we special?

Individual approach

We provide one to one consultation and solution.

Progress review

We review the campaign progress together with you.

Efficiency blueprints

We provide the roadmap before starting the campaign.

Experience win

We follow our passion and experience not the paycheck.


You will know what you are paying for.


We take action based on the performance.


What else to expect?

Like others, we do have the same features for our web design service. You will hardly find any uniqueness anyone offering—all matter experiences. Still, here are some details we focused on while working on any project.

Responsive Design

Whether mobile phone, tablet, or PC – your website is adaptable. It’s one of the prior and essential things we focus on in all of our projects.

Optimized SEO

11 years of SEO experience are pouring into your new design. We make sure your website will be SEO friendly.

Intuitive and Easy Platform

We always use a sleek and easy to use interface. So that anyone can use it without any detailed instruction.

Business Focused

We build a website that presents your business style and theme. We make sure your website is the best one in the market.

We Worked With

Here Are Some Details

Explore our successful Campaigns

Project - Business Website

Case Overview

  • Type – Global Business
  • Business Focused – Inventory and Merchandise
  • Target Country – USA
  • Timeline – 1 month

We build this website from scratch for this inventory buying company. They are struggling with the old layout and downgraded theme. We made it for improving SEO, new design, and conversion. Check out client’s feedback on it.

Project - Local Service

Case Overview

  • Type – Local Service
  • Business Focused – Window Tinting
  • Target Country – USA
  • Timeline – 1 month

We designed this website for the local service. They served through the Houston area and also doing SEO. So we make sure the design and layout are SEO friendly. We also focused on the conversion as it’s a local service, and users like to contact in every step.

Project - Affiliate Blog

Case Overview

  • Type – Affiliate Blog
  • Business Focused – Fitness and Wellness
  • Target Country – USA
  • Timeline – 2 Weeks

We set this Amazon Affiliate blog for our clients. He wants to have a simple layout and user-friendly structure. We completed the project within two weeks.

Project - Personal Blog

Case Overview

  • Type – Personal Blog
  • Business Focused – Entrepreneurship
  • Target Country – USA
  • Timeline – 1 month

We designed this personal blog based on client demand. The client likes to share his business ideas and thoughts on the blog. We gave it a new but simple look.


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Here Are Some Facts

web design service in Bangladesh

The internet has been a critical medium in recent years, without which everyday life can no longer be envisioned.

Private and business correspondence and the ingestion of related news are carried out primarily via the World Wide Web in the shape of mails, blogs, portals, and applications whose web architecture greatly contributes to their use. Although not only for contact but also the internet is the center of knowledge par excellence. If you’re searching for a service provider, hotel, or reputable doctor in Bangladesh, you need details first of all. Please take advantage of this and let us, as experts and marketing agencies, execute your clear goals at frontend and code with the pace.

You may find purely informational material on the internet and directories selling particular goods and services, and this is how you find new services or products.

Therefore it is essential to have a website as an independent individual-but also as a larger corporation. If you have a website, then you can reach your customers easily. A customer will find all the relevant information like your products or services, cost, opening time, and contact details. A web agency helps differentiate itself from the market and provides users with the courage and experience to excel with the new Website and create order by good web design.

So now you might understand the importance of having a website. Now the fact is all you need a website, isn’t it? No, it is not. Having a website is not the end of it. You have to focus on the layout, SEO structure, user experience, content, and many more. That’s why you require professional help, which will help you out to save your time.

If your business is focused on Bangladesh only or even in the global market, you need to find the best website design company in Bangladesh to have your job done. We can’t claim ourselves best, but we are experienced. We worked for the global and local markets both. So our experience will surely help you out to stand top in the market.

Still, do you have a doubt? Let’s talk and discuss your business. You don’t need to spend a buck for it. All you need to invest your time.

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