Critical SEO Review On Automatic SEO VS Manual SEO

Upon some suggestions I received from my SEO Community on FaceBook, I have decided to publish a post in which I would unveil the difference between opting for automatic SEO vs manual SEO strategies.

Being an SEO, I have always preferred manual SEO strategy implementation as I had faith that doing SEO by hand and brain is much more effective and efficient than installing SEO software for doing the SEO work automatically. I was WRONG, actually. Doing SEO by hand takes a lot of time to implement various combinations of strategies, but having SEO software, which does all the stuff for you, is the much faster runner in this case.

Well, I am not suggesting you implement SEO software here totally, but using the combination of both of the techniques makes it a semi-auto SEO strategy, which is more effective and provides quicker results than you could have obtained from individual strategies. Semi-Auto SEO is a blend of automatic SEO and manual SEO techniques and following accurate and white hat techniques can result in better results and ranks in the major search engines.

Applying an automatic SEO strategy will ensure speed and quick backlinks, but it doesn’t guarantee organic SEO or accurate submissions. You might be confused by this statement because you may not have noticed it, but this is a fact about implementing all SEO strategies on software. Furthermore, SEO tasks that require research, creativity, and social networking are much more difficult to handle with SEO software. Here, you need a manual SEO application.

In implementing SEO techniques manually, it is effective when the SEO personnel has a creative mind and is a strategist. Manual SEO requires fine judgment regarding keyword selection, theme decision, web content uniqueness, analyzing the target audience, analyzing competitors, and much more, which can’t be done with SEO software, at least. Writing content is also done manually, as SEO software cannot generate content.  Maintaining business terms with the clients and customers also requires humans to monitor and respond accordingly.

SEO Techniques To Automate

Build a Search Engine Friendly Website

SEO personnel can easily create a strategy by using software that crawls the website and analyzes the factors that are needed to create an onsite SEO analysis report and strategy. Identifying the broken links within your website software can help you a lot. The software can provide you with a report about the content quality, duplication, and keyword density being used, which helps a lot in doing onsite SEO and making a strong web page.

Analyzing Competitors

Poking nose in the strategies of your competitors is what I also would like to do.  Evaluating the market you are entering and analyzing the existing competitors on a particular targeted keyword is a tough job for SEO, but SEO software does it in seconds for you. Keeping track of the competitors’ ranks and your website rankings in the major search engines and monitoring the traffic of visitors and their mediums is what SEO software can do much easier and frequently.

Content Generation

As we all know, the furious Google Panda 3 is hunting for duplicate content in even different languages, so it is a must to write unique content that is of good quality and represents your website theme. Accurate keyword density and persuading content can only be written by a content writer and cannot be generated from SEO software.

Creating Quality Backlinks

Creating quality backlinks contributes as if putting more coal in the steam engine to make it stronger. The same is the case with the website backlink building. These backlinks should be organically built and should be of high page rank or quality, which will pass good link juice to the website, and your website will get good SERPs. Judging the quality of the backlinks and the placement where your backlink is positioned on the backlink page is only judged and evaluated by SEO personnel, not SEO software. Spreading brand awareness among people who are interested in buying or knowing about the product or services offered by your website is only done by SEO personnel manually by interacting and responding timely. This social interaction is something software can’t do.

So, it is wise to use software to automate some of the SEO techniques but the techniques which are of high priority and are of much dear to Google, Yahoo and Bing, those SEO techniques should be done manually which will ensure quality and success for sure.

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